We Provide Accurate Building Measurement Services

We’re ready to help you meet your critical building requirements.

Sure Start. Sure End.

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Get accurate As-Built Documentation.

Let us provide you with accurate documentation of the build in progress or the final build.
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We Provide Accurate Existing Condition Drawings!

Detailed floor plans, roof plans, elevations, sections and reflective ceiling plans.
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2D Drawing and 3D Scanning with Building Information Models

We use the technology of 3D scans to produce 2D and 3D Revit models for our professional clients.
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Cutting edge Virtual Reality Walk-Throughs

Putting you in the virtual space as if you are physically there.
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Accurate Existing Condition Drawings  •  Accurate As-Built Documentation  •  2D Drawings  •  3D Scanning  •  3D Building Information Models  •  Virtual Walkthrough and more!

Are you an Architect, Engineer or Contractor? Real Estate Professional, Management Company or Building Owner and in need of fast but precise building measurements for any building, large or small? Then you have found the best in SureMeasure. We are a nationally operating company ready to provide you with accurate building measurement services. With over 20 years of experience in the field of building Measurement and drafting services, SureMeasure is your go to company. We specialize in building measurement services and drafting of existing condition floor plans. Indeed we also offer  CAD drafting services, architectural drafting services, CAD amendments (red line drawings), and floor plan creation to building owners and management companies all over New York.


Building Measurement Services


We’re working day and night to provide you with reliable, cost efficient architectural services

Building Measurement
We provide a wide range of building measurement services across the entire industry, giving Architects, Engineers, and Contractors, highly accurate floor plans, roof plans, elevations,...
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is the next step up from virtual walkthroughs; it practically puts you in the space and it’s as if you are physically there.
Building Information Models (BIM)
We use the latest technology of laser measurement and also 3D scanners to produce 2D floor plans or 3D Revit models for Architects, Engineers, Contractors...
Virtual Walk-throughs
SureMeasure is at the cutting edge of technology and can provide a virtual walkthrough of spaces. This technology is especially helpful for real estate professionals...

Why Choose Our Architectural Building Measurement Services?

With a background in architecture that spans over 20 years, we understand the needs of our clients. This knowledge reduces miscommunications and allows for a very timely completion of our projects. Our team is flexible and willing to work with each client to ensure the best results. Our exemplary business acumen and competitive prices make us an ideal for you. Contact our Building measurement services company today!