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It's important to know the ins and outs of your building. That holds true whether you're an architect, a contractor, a building developer or a local homeowner. If you're looking for existing building measurement services
, contact Sure Measure LLC today. Since 2014, our company has utilized advanced measurement technology to calculate the specifics of New York, NY buildings. We'll give you up-to-date layout data through 2D imagining or Matterport virtual walkthroughs.

We go beyond simple blueprints and floor plans. Schedule one of our building measurement services and floor plan measuring services today by calling 646-937-9974.

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We specialize in a wide variety of measurement services. These include:

  • Existing building measurement services
  • Floor plan measuring services
  • 3D building scanning
  • Matterport virtual walkthroughs
  • BOMA measurement services
  • CAD drafting services
  • Fire safety plans
  • Redline drawings and creations

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We're a building and BOMA measurement service team that stands tall above the competition. Our team:


Has 30 years of experience in architecture


Uses the most advanced measurement technology and methodology


Offers fair prices and immense value


Gets the job done correctly the first time


Ensures you're satisfied no matter which service you've chosen

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