Take Control of Your Building's Configuration

We provide precise 3D building scanning and Matterport virtual walkthroughs in New York, NY

Are you ready to see your building in a whole new way? Reach out to Sure Measure LLC today for a 3D building scanning service. Our team provides architects, contractors and property owners with advanced methods for measuring buildings in New York, NY. We'll scan your space with precise imaging to create a unique 3D building information model.

Want to take a virtual tour of your property? Utilize our Matterport virtual walkthrough technology to survey your space via virtual reality.

Construction knowledge is now more accessible thanks to our advanced measurement technology. Schedule our 3D building scanning service or a virtual walkthrough today.

Matterport walkthroughs make for more precise measurement

Matterport walkthroughs make for more precise measurement

Choosing a Matterport virtual walkthrough gives you unprecedented access to infrastructure design and development. Taking advantage of our Matterport technology will:

  • Give you a more accurate look at your building's configuration
  • Pinpoint weaknesses and areas that need to be improved upon
  • Enhance productivity and collaboration through virtual reality

Immerse yourself in your building's design. Reserve your Matterport virtual walkthrough today.

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Get a clear picture of your remodel

Planning a remodeling project in New York, NY? Sure Measure can help by creating a precise rendering of your building with our 3D building scanning services. We'll use 3D rendering technology to capture every detail of the property so you can figure out what updates you need to make.

If you need to get a better view of the inside of the property, we can also provide a Matterport virtual walkthrough. With a Matterport virtual walkthrough, you can tour every room of the building right from your laptop screen. That way, you can plan out your remodel without traveling to the job site.

Contact us today to learn more about our 3D building scanning services.